Andy is an expert producer for online-live streaming and building popular podcasts. He has a studio located in Tampa, FL that is open to rent for other folk's shows. He also can live-stream on location, and is available for consultation on how to build your own inexpensive or highly professional live streaming podcast studio in your own home or office. You can reach out to learn more by emailing Andy Signore at
This was a special LIVE episode filmed in front of an audience at San Diego Comic Con, as part of the popular weekly series MovieFights. MovieFights was a show that Andy created, produced and hosted.
Andy broadcasted Live from Mitchell High School, for the launch of SynDaver's new synthetic frog launch, with partnership from PETA. You can watch the stream on Facebook:
Hugging the Cactus is a long-form video podcast that Andys produces that will be debuting this winter. It's a pre-taped series featuring Skyped in guests. Their interviews are then put through post-production to tighten up the pacing, as well as add B-roll footage to better tell their story.
Nerd Wars is a reoccurring live-stream that Andy currently produces and hosts every week out of his studio in Tampa, FL. They stream live, with guests in studio, guests via Skype, custom graphics and live chat integration.
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