We got superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to get ordained in the state of California and marry one of our friends friends and his girlfriend in honor of his film SAN ANDREAS - 8 Million Views

Brought in by Seth Rogen to assist with Digital Marketing Strategy & Development for his Sony film "This Is The End". Above are some of the clips we made featuring the cast that were used as exclusive digital site ads. Campaign was very popular.

Helped creatively advise and oversee on Smosh's celebrity Prank series for our "Pranks for Good" initative "Prank It FWD"  with global super star Emma Watson (Harry Potter) and then the Jennifer Lawrence and the cast of "The Hunger Games".

Celebrity themed installment of our show MovieFights staring Elijah Wood & Kevin Smith, streamed Live from San Diego Comic Con 2017

Directed, produced and developed this celebrity interview series hosted by comedian Paul F Tompkins. Featuring over a 100 celebrity guests for MadeMan.com

First Lady Michelle Obama Surprises Deserving Veteran for Prank It FWD series

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